Hair transplant Frenquently asked questions

hair transplant faq’s

More than 55% of men will experience some kind of hair loss by the time they are 50 years old. For many of them hair loss may happen much earlier in their life starting even from their 20s or 30s.

Consultation is the first thing to be done. Our consultants will explain you the whole procedure, guide you and advise you depending on your personal needs.

Our consultation meetings can be in person in our clinic at Thessaloniki, by photos or by a video call.

In a young age the best way is to try to prevent and slow down your hair loss. However, when your hair loss causes emotional distress and anxiety then you should consider to be advised by an expert. Because of our high standard protocols, we have a lifetime plan for each patient depending on his age, the capacity on his donor area and also the recipient area which is experiencing hair loss.

Due to a combination of experience, new technology and our latest techniques, hairlines and crowns can be recreated or restored with 100% natural, permanent and undetectable results.

This is a question that can be answered after a consultation and a thorough examination of the situation. The number differs for every patient and
depends on his bone structure, the density he wishes to acquire, the capacity of his donor area and of course the already existing hair on the recipient area. Usually when only a specific area needs to be covered, an ideal result can be achieved in one day. When the area is big, or we need to restore more than one areas then usually a 2 days session is needed.

If a second hair transplant procedure is necessary, we typically suggest you to wait at least one year before the second one, so there will be enough time for the transplanted hair to grow. In case that the receipientt area is different the second time, then 8-10 months approximately will be enough time for the donor area to be completely healed and harvested again without any risks.