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Hair Restoration
Beard transplantation
Beard transplantation

Facial hair implantation

Body hair transplantation
Body hair transplantation

What is body hair transplantation?


The right diagnosis is the key

Unshaven fue
Unshaven fue

Any shaving or shortening of the donor area at all

Eyebrow transplantation
Eyebrow transplantation

Four Steps To Eyebrow Transplant

Choi Hair Transplantation
Choi Hair Transplantation

FUE Choi Hair Transplantation


At  ChoiExpert  Surgical  Medical Center,  our  aim  is  to  exceed  your  expectations  and ensure your complete satisfaction by performing State-Of -The-Art Hair transplant using cutting edge techniques. Our highly experienced staff is of the belief that  for  successful  results,  every  aspect  and  every  step  of  hair transplantation  must be taken into account.

Positive  results depend  on good communication  with the  patient, correct diagnosis, hairline  design that  meets  the  needs of  the  patient, minimally traumatic  graft extraction,  graft  survival,  natural  implantation  and  distribution  of  grafts, post-operative  care.

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Cutting edge technique

With Choi fue technique, hair follicles are implanted one by one to the area that needs to be covered.

The hair transplant method that Choiexperts use is the most advanced method of hair restoration Even more advanced than normal FUE and all FUT methods.

Using an Implanter Choi pen no receptors needed to be done to the scalp , each hair follicle is placed in a specific direction, angle and depth providing 100% natural results with the maximum growth rate in hair restoration. The whole hair transplant procedure is performed by highly experienced doctors, who hold a medical license in Greece, Cyprus and UK and are GMC registered. The procedure is undertaken under strict Safety and Quality Standardization Protocols.


Dermatologist – Certified Hair Transplantation Master, In the last 8 years he has fully performed over 2000 particularly successful hair transplant treatments at VIP Clinics in London, Scotland, France and Cyprus

In 2018, he established the brand concept Choiexpert in Greece and Cyprus, where he performs FUE CHOI treatments, under an upgraded and high-quality treatment protocol, with an emphasis on a soft and natural hairline, extra balanced follicle extraction, a larger amount of follicles, and a maximum percentage of implant survival.

. Advanced hair loss diagnostic system 
. Faster and less painful recovery AND MINIMUM invasive 
. Only preformed by doctor from the beginning to the end! 
. Unshaven FUE innovation no need to shave your head!
. 100% Natural result Commitment
.Manual grafts extraction for virtually undetectable
.Low transection rate of under 3 percent
.Hypothermosol & Atp for maximum grafts survival rate up to 100%
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    Dr.Ben Goldhecht
    ChoiExpert Patient.

    ChoiExpert clinic was fantastic in every way. Now that i am after, and I like the results.
    My view of Dr has gone up again for what done for me.

    Sam may
    ChoiExpert Patient.

    Now that i’ve got my full head of hair back, I can laugh and be confidant. It’s important to find the right person, the right surgeon to do the job correctly and i was very fortunate to find ChoiExpert Clinic.