Choiexpert 5 Steps Care System

Dr. Cris High Quality Hair restoration System

Safe hair transplant

5 steps to a quality and safe hair Transplant – We diagnosing your hair with a special analyze system and plan your hair transplantation accordingly. Manual or Motorized extraction with special punches top

Scientific graft holding solution, %99 graft aliveness with Hypothermosol+ATP solutions and Fast donor healing with stem cell Treatment Your grafts will grow directly by applying ATP Spray after the session.

Cutting edge Analyze your scalp for Best treatments

Extraction with Manual or Motorized Extraction

3- Follicle
Scientific Graft Holding Solution (Guaranty up to %100 Graft Viability with Hypotermosol+ATP)

4- Donor
Fast donor healing using stem cells

5-Post op care
High Rate Directly Growing Hair with ATP spray


    ADVANCE diagnosis system
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    Cutting edge Analyzing system for the Best Treatment:

    Cutting edge Analyzing system so as to get a personalized treatment and reach your expectations if possible:

    We make an extended analysis about your hair and measuring the number of hairs in every cm^2, categorizing your hair regarding to thickness and calculating your donor’s capacity. Afterwards, we calculate how much hair we need to fix the gaps in your receipt area and finally we make up your personalized scientific plan for your treatment.

    Before proceeding to the procedure we examine dermatological problems in the hairy skin and apply the required treatment.

    Our hair analysis system designed by hair transplantation surgeons and developed by experienced software developers. Using micro cameras we analyzes your donor zone capacity, the number of hairs that could be harvested from the donor zone, the number of grafts that we can extract with safety so as to leave behind the amount of hair which are the limit of our extraction, and hair thickness because it is a very important factor when you cover an areas. That way we do the first step of a successful hair transplantation.

    grafts extraction
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    Extraction with Choiexpert Manual or Motorized. The Manual FUE is the first FUE technique . In time, doctors have used lots of names to describe this method. But it is commonly known as Manual Punch extraction. Both in manual and micro motor extractions, the crucial point is to harvest the hair follicles as a whole without damaging, without transaction of the follicles partial or total.

    As the name suggest; it is managed completely by hand. A cylindrical blade with diameter of 1mm or less is used for the extraction. Follicular units are removed manually from the donor area by rotating the pen shaped tool by hand. In Manual FUE
    ,as well as in micro motorized FUE, the length of the follicular units is considered by the surgeon and he determine the punch depth manually according to every patient’s different anatomy.After cutting, the follicular units are collected by hand one by one. An experienced doctor can extract 1500-2000 follicular units per day, always keeping safety rules.

    Many years ago the question was strip or FUE; but this is something that is not questioned any more as FUE is proved to be much more effective. Nowadays the major question on FUE hair transplants has been; Manual or Motorized punch? Our answer is that every person is unique and every case is different, so taking into account every time all the factors we use either manual, motorized or a combination to archive a safe hair transplant extraction.

    follicle preservation
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    Holding Solution (Hypotermosol+ATP)

    Scientific essays report that this solution enables 95% graft survival in procedures lasting more than 4 hours comparing to other solutions such as Ringer Lactate and Normal saline.

    It is really important factor in every hair transplantation to store the extracted grafts outside of the body without damaging them. And of course the best way to achieve that is treat them just like any other organ.
    Many researches have been conducted for long years; in operations lasting more than 4-5 hours the grafts start to have low survival rates , as a result of the changes inside and outside of the cells; the graft loss rate is extremely high in operations lasting longer than 4 hours as the intracellular and extracellular balances of the grafts which are kept in normal saline or solutions such ringer lactate deteriorate.

    This is a problem we achieve to eliminate by storing the grafts in a special mixture of 2 special solutions named as Hypothermosol-FRS and ATP caused the grafts to stay 95% alive even for 12 hours and that high rate of success is reached in every hair transplantation ,we perform.

    In the scientific research signed by Dr. J. Matthew published in SAFE HAIR TRANSPLANT FORUM a scientific occupational periodical of ISHRS, the International Hair Transplant Union, reaching 100% graft liveliness under certain circumstances, was specified in graft storing solutions formed by Hypothermosol-FRS and ATP in hair transplantation operations lasting for 6-12 hours and it was also scientifically proved that the graft loss occurred around 27-44% when normal saline or solutions such as Ringer Lactate were used for keeping the grafts.

    Furthermore, it was proved in the same periodical that adding serums such as PRP to storing solutions actually do not have any effect and that PRP was not helping at all the g survival of grafts, as the PRP could not activate in this circumstances but only when it is injected in the tissue and the Platelet cells could not activate outside of the body.

    Choiexpert Clinic uses Hypothermosol-ATP solution in entire hair transplantation as a standard for success and very high survival rates. Cheap solutions like Ringer and normal saline lead to poor results and have no place in our clinic. The capacity of the donor area should not be wasted at any case.

    Donor care 
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    PRP is the most frequently used for safe hair transplant medical treatment in the field of rapid amelioration of the donor zone and transplantation zone. As it both enables rapid amelioration in both the donor zone and the transplantation zone it helps the patient to return back to his/her social life earlier. PRP has been started to be used for the purpose of healing wounds or ameliorating some problems in field of Medicine for long years. PRP is in essence a serum which is very successful in the repairing of the tissue. We as well apply it as a standard especially for the purpose of rapid closing of the micro holes in the graft obtaining locations in the donor zone and to both the donor zone and the transplantation zone to the end of reducing the marks.

    post op care 
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    Safe hair transplant by using ATP spray: In medical science the ATP is the energy molecule of the cells and it gives life to the cell. The ATP is started to be applied to the transplantation zone 4 hours after the spraying operation and applied to the zone every hour for a period of 5-7 days. ATP is as well the energy supply of the hair root cells as it is for entire cells. Newly transplanted hair must absolutely be started to be fed through a micro vessel in the zone where they are located, and usually a period of 72 hours is required for the formation of such a micro ambient and such vessels. In such period the grafts need humidity and energy in order for them to live. When it is considered that it is not fed through any blood vessel for the first 72 hours, the ATP is the only feeding source of the transplanted roots. Averagely 30-40% of the transplanted roots cannot stand such a period of 72 hours and retreat. This means that the transplanted roots withdraw the hair roots on them within the period of 2-4 weeks in order to save themselves and re-enter into the phase of hair production which shall last for 3-6 hours.

    However 30-40% of the transplanted roots cannot produce new roots as they cannot be fed in the first 72 hours and the largest complication seen in FUE emerges that is to say some transplantation zones which have been observed to be thick in the course of transplantation is now thin and far from an aesthetic look at the end of a period of 1 year. ATP with its such feeding feature keeps the whole of the transplanted hair strong, in so much that while the rate of directly growing hair without being shed was around 10% in the first 1 month period, such a rate could be increased up to 30%.

    Safe hair transplant