Choiexpert 5 Steps Care System

Dr. Cris High Quality Hair restoration System

Safe hair transplant

5 steps for a quality and safe hair Transplant – We diagnose your problem with a special analyzing system and plan your hair treatment accordingly. Each patient gets a unique design that suits his personal needs. Motorized or manual punches can be used for the extraction and a special solution is used for the preservation of the grafts. Specialized doctors perform the implantation carefully using the Choi Pen technique. After the procedure detailed instructions and a kit with everything needed is given to each patient. During the post-operative period our team will be by your side. 

Highly experienced consultants undertake your diagnosis 

2- Design
Each patient gets a unique design by our doctors

3- Extraction of the grafts
Careful extraction for an almost pristine donor area

4- Implantation
Cutting edge technique for a natural result

5-Post op care
Eight days healing process



    Safe hair transplant