Unshaved FUE

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An unshaven fue hair transplantation by ChoiExperts is the ideal way to restore your hair loss without anyone being able to realize you have undergone an operation. Candidates for this procedure could be women, people that are in show business, politics, prominent professionals and everyone who needs to return to his daily obligations immediately after the procedure.
Unshaven hair restoration can be performed only by experienced doctors, and can also give a considerable result, if for some reason a shaven procedure is not an option.

Steps of the unshaven hair transplantation

1) The hair follicles are extracted manually without any shaving or shortening of the hair on the donor area

2) The follicles are preserved in a special solution called hypothermosol, in order to maximize their survival

3) The implantation of the follicles in the thinning area takes place without any shaving or cutting of the hair on the recipient area.

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