Eyebrow transplantation


Eyebrows play an important role in facial appearance, as it is the means of expression or thoughts and emotions, and accentuate your unique personal style and your personality.

Unfortunately, like on the rest of the face, time can take a toll on the shape of the eyebrows. Years of improper self-grooming, trauma, medical treatment or hormonal changes can lead to sparse, thin and asymmetrical eyebrows. Choiexpert doctors, by choosing the most ideal grafts from your donor area, can achieve 100% natural result and give you back your lost confidence.

Eyebrow transplant

the steps To Eyebrow Transplant

• Extraction of the Grafts from the back of the head
• creation of a symmetrical design on the thinning area, suitable for your face pattern
• Implantation of the grafts on the thinning area with the use of Choi implanters.

Unshaven FUE or zones haircut are two method that are also suitable for an eyebrow transplantation especially for women. The small shaven zones we create on the back of your head are not visible, as they are covered by the existing hair. When the hair follicles are extracted our doctors make sure that only single hair follicles will be harvested for a natural and aesthetic result.

The whole procedure in performed under local anesthesia on both the donor and the recipient area.
As an eyebrow transplantation requires only an average amount of 200-400 grafts, the procedure generally last approximately 2-3 hours.