During the examination, the scalp and hair are studied under magnification that makes miniaturization and hair abnormalities easier to see.

The hair density ,the follicular density are calculated and hair diameter are taken into account, as they play a vital role of the treatment plan. Similar cases to yours can be shown and discussed , so as you will be able to see results of people with similar problem.

You will also be informed if any medication that can help us to maximize the result of your treatment . A decision regarding the use of medication such as minoxidil, finasteride,dutasteride can lead to different surgical planning.

The right DIAGNOSIS is the key
One of the most important thing to achieve the best result from fue hair transplant for your case is the right consultation and examination.

Our consultants will answer all your questions and insist you the right therapy for you in order to reach your expectations. During the consultation we evaluate your case taking into account , your family’s history of alopecia , your age and medical history, your norwood scale , the thinning of the existing hair, the capacity of your donor area , the treatments you have already tried. At Choiexpert,

we believe that every patient must be fully informed of how realiatic is his expectations , what can be done and what it is not possible and why, and at the end we try to consult him to take the better choice for himself. Not everyone is a good canditate for hairtransplant because of a bad donor area or because of very early stage of hairloss.