Choi hair transplantation method is the latest major technical advancement in hair restoration surgery.
Follicles are extracted one by one from the back of your head, fact that can lead to a large amount of grafts in a single day procedure, with accurate results and without any scars on the back of your head.

At ChoiExpert, our experienced doctors use the latest motorized punches or hand-held manual punches depending on the kind of the session, shaving
and each individual’s needs. This gives us the opportunity to choose the best option for every patient and refine the result.

After the extraction, hair follicles are implanted one by one straight to the thinning area.
Each hair follicle is placed with the right direction, angle and depth, under the specific rules our doctors follow.
All of the results are 100% natural and the follicles have a very high rate of survival. The transplanted hair never fall out.

The whole hair transplant procedure is performed by doctors who hold medical licence in Greece, Cyprus and UK, and are GMC registered.

DHI hair transplant

1. During the implantation, the specialized doctor decides about the kind of the harvested grafts he will insert on each area, and the nurse loads each graft separately into the Choi implanter. Each graft is inserted gently in the incision of the needle, in order to be handed to the doctor.

2. Subsequently, the needle is inserted with an accurate angle of 40-45 degrees into the scalp, by the doctor pressing down the plunger.

3. During the procedure, normally the amount of implanters used vary from 2-6. The size of the needles on the implanters vary and always depends on the kind and the size of the follicles.

Advantages of Choi hair transplantation Technique

The advantages in comparison to the basic FUE or FUT method include:

• The grafts remain outside the body for a small period of time, thus a healthier and smooth handling of the grafts is achieved during the implantation.
• Excellent hair follicles survival rates.
• Reduced bleeding during the extraction and the implantation.
• Fast healing during the post-operative phase (the patient can return back to his/her normal routine even the next day)
• There is a choice for an unshaven recipient area which will not affect the result at all.

Disadvantages of choi Technique

The disadvantages in comparison to the basic FUE method include:

• The doctor and the nursing staff have to undergo a long-term training period in order to be specialised in utilizing this technique.
• It is generally a more expensive procedure in comparison to other hair implantation methods.
• This method requires more attention as well as accuracy during the procedure.

Only a doctor with a hair transplant specialty and certification should perform this procedure.

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