Body hair transplantation is an option to treat extensive cases of baldnesswith poor donor area on the scalp. In ChoiExpert we suggest this as an alternative and supplementary source for hair extraction. Parts of the body that can be used as complementary sources are the beard and the chest.

Extraction from the beard

The extracted grafts are only a 20-30% of the existing hair, fact that does not leave any visible gaps or scars, but a barely noticeable thinning may occur. Grafts that are extracted from the beard contain only one or two hairs. Because of the fact that hair from the beard are thicker than the ones from the head, we can not use them on the frontal area. Still the grafts can be used on the back or on the middle part of the head for an increase of the density.

Extraction from the CHEST

Grafts taken from the chest area are thinner and shorter than those in the beard and the scalp. Also because of the fact that the hair follicles are curly and with no specific angle beneath the skin, it is very difficult to predict the amount of grafts that can be extracted.
This make the whole procedure very demanding and should be attempted only by highly trained and experienced doctors. Despite the fact that extraction from the chest can be considered an option, it would be the last one to be used.

Overall, although there is a difference between the quality and even the survival rate of the grafts extracted from the chest or beard in comparison to
those extracted from the scalp, in very demanding cases, grafts from these parts of the body still can be useful.

The recovery period of the donor area after the session is 3-7 days in any case.