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Hair transplant Greece

At Choiexpert – Surgical Medical Center, our aim is to exceed your  expectations and ensure your complete satisfaction by performing State-Of -The-Art Hair transplant using cutting edge techniques.

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Only by Doctors

Our highly experienced doctors is of the belief that for successful results, every aspect and every step of hair transplantation  must be taken into account, therefore all your hair restoration procedure will performed only by doctors from a to z.

Hair Restoration Results

Our before and after photos of hair restoration in Greece clearly demonstrate the transformative results provided by Dr. Chris they depict the significant changes he can to bring your life, such as a Natural-looking hairline, and a thick new growth


We have knowledge of the Greek market, which enables us to provide you with customized care and traveler recommendations that perfectly suit your requirements and budget
Exactly what you are looking for, in quality and budget


Hair transplantation treatment is exclusively performed by a GMC registered doctors who adhere to a rigorous European protocol. This procedure is not carried out by interns or technicians.
Do not take unnecessary risks

Complete dedication

We handle everything for you, so you can focus on yourself and the treatment. From the moment you book until you return to your country, we take care of everything, including hotel reservations, transportation within the city, arranging meetings with doctors, and ensuring a speedy recovery after the procedure.
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We have created a prestigious concept for you. It is at a reasonable and convenient price for treatment in a European level under the ISO protocol and completely performed by a doctor
We Will help You Fulfill A Dream


We have extensive experience with 12 Years of hair transplantation in Europe. We have an in-depth knowledge of the European and local markets. We have grown and developed with the industry, setting clear and high standards, You are in the best hands
Experience brings wisdom

Quick Recovery

Thanks to the CHOI (DHI) minimally invasive technique, you can expect a quick recovery
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medical TEAM

Dr.maria polykarpou

MD. Doctor & Hair Transplant Master Surgeon

Dr.Chris tsakalos

MD. Hair Transplant Master Surgeon-GMC REGISTER


MD. Hair Transplant Master Surgeon-GMC REGISTER

why US?


Direct Flights from the UK Manchester Leeds Newcastle Edinburgh Birmingham Bristol London

Thessaloniki is just one step away from many cities of the UK. The following map provides you with all the information about the available direct flights:

Common questions

About three months after the transplant, the transplanted hair will begin to grow at a rate of a

cm per month. After about 4-6 months, you will see a significant change, and you will

see and feel the full results after about a year.

For removal and implantation, tiny and disposable devices with a diameter of one mm and

below are used so that we actually perform the least invasive procedure in the field. This

means that using our protocol gives minimal pain and has an extremely fast recovery

Only doctors!

From the beginning to end, the procedure is performed by doctors who have been trained by the London Hair Restoration Academy and been approved by it.

According to the Choiexpert treatment protocol, the implant’s viability is over 95%, while the

industry average is about 60%. We guarantee 90% absorption and growth of the implanted

hair in a pre-signed contract



Traveler recommendations

Thessaloniki Fortress
Thessaloniki bars and taverns
Thessaloniki Casino
Ladadika Night Life Center
The White Tower
Meteora - One of the Seven Wonders of the World!

Choiexpert clinic Thessaloniki

Clinic is checked by Bookimed at 2023-06-11 and approved for accepting international patients.

Certificates and Awards

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