What We Do At ChoiExpert?

FUE Hair transplantation

FUE Hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a technique in which the
follicular units are extracted one by one from the donor area.


One of the most important things, in order to achieve a good result from an FUE hair transplant, is a thorough examination during consultation.
Our consultants will answer all of your questions and suggest you the right therapy for you in order to reach your expectations. During the consultation we evaluate your case, taking into account your family’s history of alopecia, your age and your medical history, your norwood scale , the thinning areas, the capacity of your donor area as well as the treatments you have already
Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for a hair transplantation due to a small donor area for example or an early stage of hair loss in a
young age.
At Choiexpert, we believe that every patient should be fully informed about his choices regarding his expectations and always advise him to take the most suitable decision for himself.


The hairline is one of the very first things you and the people around you usually notice. It can change completely your appearance and therefore your confidence. A natural hairline is created by using grafts with one or maximum 2 hairs.
The doctor will discuss with you every factor that should be considered regarding the final design of the hairline, such as the height, your age, your facial structure and the capacity of your donor area, as this hairline will follow you for the rest of your life.
Taking into consideration all these, in combination with your willing and your expectations, the doctor will create the most suitable and natural hairline for you.

Operation day

Your day begins with a light breakfast at the hotel and then a taxi will pick you up and drive you to our clinic, where you will meet our consultant and our medical staff.
Your health questionnaire, your medical history, all of your possible queries regarding the whole process and of course the design will be discussed thoroughly again.

Then the nurse will start the preparation of your scalp for the session, which includes the shaving and washing of your head. The hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia which lasts approximately 5-10 minutes so that the whole procedure becomes completely painless. The extraction may last from 1-3 hours depending on each case. Then a lunch break follows and we continue with the implantation which lasts approximately 3 hours.

Operating Room Preparation

Our operating rooms are prepared by our experienced registered nurses. All of the surgical instruments are sterilized or (for a single use) disposable ones. We take all the precautions and we always follow all the protocols and guidelines.


During the extraction, the nurses check every single graft under a microscope or magnifying loupes, categorize them and place them in a metal tray that contains Hypothermosol (a special solution for the grafts’ preservation). The temperature of the grafts is checked regularly so the higher viability rate is achieved.


Extraction is the first step of the procedure and it is performed with you being lying down so the doctor can make the best use of your donor area. The high quality punches we use for the extraction are for one single use and the size, which vary from 0.8mm to 1.0mm, depends on the size of your follicles and your donor area.

We follow the protocols, respect the donor area and never over-harvest which is one of the unwanted results many other clinics may cause worldwide. Although our aim is a perfect result and not only a quick extraction, a combination of these two is a fact and can always be accomplished by our highly experienced doctors, when a donor area allows it. This has as a result a much more restful experience for the patient.
During the extraction procedure the nurses check the grafts one by one, categorize them depending on the hairs, count them and reports to the doctor, so at the end of the extraction we know exactly the amount of grafts and hairs we have extracted as well as the ratio of the extraction. Sometimes a combination of an electric and a manual punch is necessary depending on the patient’s need and the kind of shaving the patient has chosen.
Once the desire amount of grafts has been extracted, the doctor covers your donor area with bandages and you have some time to enjoy your lunch break and take a rest before the implantation.


After the lunch break, the design of the hairline and the rest of the recipient area will be checked and discussed once more. The grafts are implanted with the correct direction, depth and angle, by following your already existing hairs. The hairline is created by single or double follicular units for a natural result, and the rest of the grafts are being placed on the rest of your thinning areas.
We start the implantation with the grafts that have been extracted first, in order to reduce the time each graft stays outside the body and increase their survival as much as possible. At the end of the procedure all grafts are being double checked again by the doctor.


After the session the nurse will clean your head properly and will put a dressing on your donor area. We will provide you with everything you need for the next days such as gauze, your medication, a sterile surgical field, a prescription for your medication, a spray bottle that contains Na-Cl (as you have to spray the recipient area during the post-operative period) and all the post-operative instructions in writing.

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