What We Do At ChoiExpert?

FUE Hair transplantation

FUE Hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the technique that involves taking each and every follicular unit from the donor individually and this is the reason that it has been named this way.


One of the most important thing to achieve the best result from fue hair transplant for your case is the right consultation and examination.

Our consultants will answer all your questions and insist you the right therapy for you in order to reach your expectations. During the consultation we evaluate your case taking into account , your family’s history of alopecia , your age and medical history, your norwood scale , the thinning of the existing hair, the capacity of your donor area , the treatments you have already tried. At Choiexpert,

we believe that every patient must be fully informed of how realistic is his expectations , what can be done and what it is not possible and why, and at the end we try to consult him to take the better choice for himself. Not everyone is a good candidate for fue hair transplant because of a bad donor area or because of very early stage of hair loss. During the examination, the scalp and hair are studied under magnification that makes miniaturization and hair abnormalities easier to see.

The hair density ,the follicular density are calculated and hair diameter are taken into account, as they play a vital role of the treatment plan. Similar cases to yours can be shown and discussed , so as you will be able to see results of people with similar problem.

You will also be informed if any medication that can help us to maximize the result of your treatment . A decision regarding the use of medication such as minoxidil can lead to different surgical planning.


For a total shaved session hairs are shaved to measurement of 1 mm in length. For unshaven sessions there is no need to save or trim the hair.
The doctor examines the donor area and documents the details.

The hair density, the number of grafts every cm^2 ,and the number of hairs per follicular group are evaluated from different scalp regions. Doctor discuss with patient about design and the height of the hairline , considering patients age, hair loss progress , facial structure and of course the capacity of the donor, as this hairline will follow him for his whole life.

Of course goals and expectations of the patient taken into consideration but the doctor consults the patient about the best option taking into account lots of details. After the new hairline is drawn and discussing about changes until patient and doctor reach to an agreement. After patient’s approval, the hairline is photographed from different views.

Operation day

The day begins with a light breakfast at the hotel and after a greeting by the reception staff and your consultant in the clinic.
Straight after you meet the doctor who checks again your health questionary and discuss once more for the design.

Your nurse guides you to the changing room and prepare you for the operation. Follows the haircut for shaven sessions and then you are ready !
Surgery starts with local anesthesia and then after few moments you will not feel any pain at all. Extraction can last from 1-3 hours depending on the case. During surgery, it is of course possible to take a break for the restroom or for having some snacks or wven just to stretch a little bit.

Operating Room Preparation

Before starting fue hair transplant procedure in the operation rooms, we use only sterilized or one-use disposable instruments. Depending on the needs of every type of scalp, and regarding the decisions reached during the pre-surgical meeting with the doctor, the room is prepared and all instruments needed are prepared and ready.


The parameters that potentially damage the viability of grafts are carefully controlled by the latest technological improvements. Grafts are assessed with a magnification device from the commencement of surgery. They are then selectively separated, put into petri dishes that contain hypotermosol + liposomal ATP solution, and are placed over an electric chilling device during extraction.


Grafts are extracted in a lying position for the purpose of utilizing all parts of the donor. We use only high standard surgical tools and one used punches for our extraction.

The size of punches varies from 0.8mm to 1.0mm regarding the needs of every different donor area. It is our belief that the vertical extraction minimizes the damage of the donor and produces high quality grafts. Moreover, the combination of depth control, punch type (manual or electric) and punch size varies according to the patient’s characteristics, and the combination is most of the times that leads to minimal risk of follicle injury.

At Choiexpert we use our own protocols in the extraction of grafts amd we respect the donor area because every graft counts. This allows us to minimaze and sometimes to zeroing graft transection, an important factor in extraction.

Although speed is far from the essence of our objective, in some patients, a thousand grafts per hour can be extracted without creating any damage. During surgery, all graft parameters are observed and reported by the nurses so as at the end of the extraction the doctor to know how many singles,doubles,triples etc he has collected.

Donor limitations and graft preservation, as well as the safeguarding of homogenization are carefully considered during extracting. In order to guarantee results with this approach to harvesting and to maintain control, we combine manual and electric punches regarding to the need of every donor, Once the grafts are extracted, the donor area is covered with a badage and the patient is ready for his lunch break.


After lunch, the Doctor will place the follicular unit grafts into the area that need to be fill.

The graft will be implant in the same direction and angle as the natural previous appearance. Different size grafts are used according to the established aim for the creation of density and naturalness. Original one-hair follicular units are used in the frontal hairline area to give a natural, soft appearance.

It is critical to the survival of grafts to keep them moist up until the time that they are placed. The ring graft storage device provides a convenient, temporary holding place for them. Grafts are inserted using only fine CHOI. Each graft is handled with the CHOI for a trauma possible.

While grafts are being placed, one technician is assigned to watch and evaluate and at the end of the procedure, the position of all of the grafts is double checked.


After the sission the surgical areas are clean. then, the doctor carefully inspects the recipient sites to be certain that the position and placement of the grafts are perfect. Upon completion of the surgery, the staff provides you with post-operative instructions.

An after-care kit containing post-operative medications, gauze, an ice pack and a bottle of liposomal ATP spray is provided for you as well. After completion of these steps The next day, you will return to the surgical center for bandage removal and check-up.

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