Eyebrow Restoration

Restore your eyebrow with Choiexpert


The eyebrows play a more important role in facial appearance that most people realize. In fact, they may be the most important facial feature contributing to a first impression – even more than the eyes. Eyebrows allow for facial expression of thoughts and emotions, and accentuate your unique personal style and personality.

Unfortunately, like the rest of the face, time and life events can take a toll on the appearance of the eyebrows. Years of plucking and waxing, disease, trauma, medical treatments, hormonal changes, and aging can lead to sparse, thinning, asymmetrical eyebrows, and the shape of the brow itself can change significantly over time. Choiexpert doctors provide patients with the 100% natural eyebrow transplant, which will bring them back their lost confidence.

Eyebrow transplant

Four Steps To Eyebrow Transplant

> Harvesting of the Grafts

> Implanting the grafts using a Choi implanter

> Post-operative dressing

Below are brief descriptions of these stages.

1 – Planing: The area to be implanted and the eyebrow designing will be determined during a Doctor examination. During this stage, the doctor will develop an operation plan, taking into consideration the patients’ facial features and individual needs.

Session stages

2 – Grafts Harvesting : Unshaven method, which is generally applied to individuals with long hair, is a method that is also applicable for eyebrow transplantation. The small number of grafts needed will also enable this procedure to be performed easily. The harvesting of grafts with the application of the unshaven method only requires a small area at the back of the head to be shaved. The shaven area where the grafts will be extracted will not be visible, as it will be covered with the existing hair. When extracting the hair follicles only single hairs will be harvested. Because only single hairs can provide an aesthetic appearance to the eyebrows.

3 – Before the extraction process, local anesthesia will be administered within the donor area. In eyebrow transplantation performed with the Choi method, the area to be implanted will also be anesthetized by local anesthesia. By the utilization of a Choi implanter, hair follicles are transplanted taking into account the accurate angle and direction of hair growth. This process is significant to achieve an aesthetic appearance.

Post up care

On the day following the procedure, a special liquid will be applied to ensure that the hair follicles have been anchored to the dermal tissue, as well as to prevent any other medical complications from occurring.
As eyebrow transplantation only requires an average amount of 200-400 grafts, the procedure generally takes around 2-3 hours.