Minimum invesiv hair transplant


Choi hair transplant method is a method of graft harvest one by one. It is the latest major technical advancement in hair restoration surgery, with our hair transplant method, a large number of hair follicles is obtained in a single day providing excellent regrowth and patient tolerance without any great scarring.
Each individual graft is extracted directly from the scalp, rather than from a strip of donor tissue that has been removed from the scalp.

In ChoiExpert hair transplant our doctors performed using manually hand-held punches and also motorized punches regarding to the patients donor needs,
and the area the doctors harvest every time. This combination give us the opportunity to pick the best option for every patient and maximize the result.

With ChoiExpert Hair Implantation method, hair follicles are implanted one by one straight to the thinning area that needs to be covered.
The Choi hair transplant method that ChoiExpert doctors use is the most advanced hair transplant method more than classic FUE and FUT methods.

Each hair follicle is placed in a specific direction, angle and depth, under the specific rules our doctors follow and by the use of Choipen, the implanter which was an evolution in hair transplant methods,
and leaded to the perfection of FUE results.

That way all of our results are 100% natural and with very high percentage of hair growth rate in hair restoration, as we succeed for every patient over 90%.
The transplanted hairs are lifetime hairs and never fall out, as their DNA structure is not affected by hair loss.
The whole hair transplant procedure is performed by doctors who hold medical licence to Cyprus and UK GMC registered.

DHI hair transplant

1. During a hair implantation procedure operated with a Choi implanter, the specialized doctor transmit the harvested grafts into the Choi implanter.
The graft is inserted gently within the hollow needle, which is positioned at the end of the Choi pen, to be handed back to the doctor.

2. Subsequently, the needle is inserted at an accurate angle of 40-45 degrees into the scalp by the doctor, as the incision site is made and then the graft is implanted by pressing down on the plunger.

3. During a procedure, normally an amount varying from 2-6 Choi implanters and approximately 12-14 needles are concurrently used, with the device coming in a variety of needle sizes to fit the follicular unit grafts.
The Choi method naturally has its advantages over the FUE technique.

Advantages of Choi hair transplant Technique

Among its advantages indicated by some hair restoration experts are as follows;

  • Reduced time of grafts remaining outside the body, thus ensuring strong and healthy placement of the grafts.
    Adequate hair follicles survival rates.
  • Reduced bleeding during the creation of the recipient area.
  • Reduced trauma during graft handling, thus leading to less damage in the blood supply to the implanted area.
  • Fast recovery during the postoperative phase, the patient can return back to his/her normal routine quicker.
  • The recipient site does not have to be shaved, as it is a more suitable procedure that enables this condition.

Disadvantages of choi Technique

The disadvantages in comparison to the basic FUE method include:

  • The doctor and staff members are exposed to long-term training period so as to specialize in utilizing this technique.
  • It is generally a more costly procedure when compared to other hair implantation methods.
  • This method requires more attention as well as accuracy during the procedure.
  • Only a doctor who has had a CHOI hair transplant specialty must perform the procedure
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