Body Hair Transplant


body hair transplant in to scalp is an option to treat extensive cases of baldness with poor donor scalp.
one of the limiting factors in achieving successful outcome is the limited donor area.

In Choi expert we suggest body hair as an alternative source of hair in such cases. body hair has been shown to grow longer when transplanted to scalp, as a result of the influence of scalp dermis on the transplanted hair, referred to as recipient influence.

Of course body hair can never be exactly the same as hair extracted from the scalp but they are very useful in same cases in increasing density.

Beard and chest hair are the most preferred parts for this kind of hair transplant.
So, can you transplant body hair to your head? The answer is yes. However, it does not mean that it´s going to be perfect. The results of a body hair transplant to head can´t be the same; in fact, it is not possible to achieve a complete hair transplant only using body hair, as no sufficient density and quality can be gained in this way.


Recovery period after extraction is 3 to 7 days. Since hair does not come out again on the extracted area, a thinning may be seen on beard.

As the thinning after extraction is only of 20-30%, it does not leave any visible gaps to your beard

Beard grafts are simillar to hair grafts, but each graft contains a single or double hair follicle.

Since beard follicles are simillar but still different in structure, they are not used in front hair lines. However, they give very good results in the middle and top regions of the head.


Grafts taken from chest area are thinner and shorter than those in the beard and the scalp. Thus, they can not be the only one used ifor restoring an area.They are usually combined with head or beard hair, or they can be planted to increase density between the existing hairs.

Contrary to the hair on the head, chest follicles may be curved to another side in a slightly curly form beneath the skin;,therefore, they must be taken very carefully, and extracted without damaging the follicle. This may lead to less -or even no grafts-

Extraction of chest hair follicles is really demanding and must be done only by highly experienced hair surgeons.
Finally chest hair follicles it is an option but its the last option a hair surgeon have on his hands.