Our aim is to meet your expectations and ensure your complete satisfaction by performing State Of The Art hair transplant using cutting edge techniques.

Our highly experienced Doctors is of the belief that for successful results, every aspect and every step of hair transplantation must be taken into account.
Positive results depend on good communication with the patient, right diagnosis, hairline design that meets the needs of the patient, minimally traumatic graft extraction, graft survival, natural implantation and distribution of grafts, post-operative care.

With Choi fue technique, hair follicles are implanted one by one to the area that needs to be covered. The hair transplant method that Choi experts use is the most advanced method of hair restoration Even more advanced than normal FUE and all FUT methods.

Using Implanter Choi pen no receptors needed to be done to the scalp , each hair follicle is placed in a specific direction, angle and depth providing 100% natural results with the maximum growth rate in hair restoration.The whole hair transplant procedure is performed by highly experienced doctors, who hold medical license in  Cyprus and UK- GMC registered .The procedure is undertaken under strict Safety and Quality Standardization Protocols.

One of the most important thing to achieve the best result from fue hair transplant for your case is the right consultation and examination.

At Choi Expert we Guarantee 100% preforming your hair transplant by a doctor only from the beginning to the end!

We are using the most advanced cutting edge equipment like Original Choi Instrument from Korea, Hypothermosol & Atp for maximum grafts survival rate up to 100% We combine manual and motorized extraction to be able to extract maximum number of follicles in minimum harvesting the donor part performed by Dr.Cris, Each session is personally customized according to your requirements.

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The American Medical Center (AMC) is a state of the art health care facility

State of the art hospital

The American Medical Center (AMC) is a state of the art health care facility that offers a wide range of medical services. It originally started as a specialized cardiovascular Institute, known as the American Heart Institute (AHI) offering diagnostic and Internationale cardiology services, cardiac prevention and rehabilitation services, as well as the entire spectrum of adult cardiothoracic surgery.

It was founded in 1999 as the first private hospital of its type in Cyprus and since 2001 it has maintained an agreement with the Ministry of Health to accept and treat state – referred patients.

In 2004 the American Heart Institute was bestowed with the ISO 9001-2000 Certificate by the TUV Rhineland/Germany, relating to the quality management system for the patient admission, treatment and discharge processes. The Certificate has been successfully maintained by annual audits.

In 2011, the Institute moved to its new premises and started offering a variety of health services; hence the ISO 9001 -2008 has been amended to cover the whole facility (AMC) until 2016.

The scope of the Certificate now covers the following processes and services: patient admission, diagnostic, treatment, discharge processes and services offered by the hospital to the joining physicians.

Our mission to provide the highest quality of care to patients extends beyond the non-clinical framework. The AMC Hotel Services, including the food and beverage services have been bestowed with the ISO 22000 – 2005 Certification. Additionally, all our Public Health and Safety processes, procedures and systems are ratified through our Risk Management system, based on the internationally well-known ISO 18000 – 2007 Certification.

The activities, the pioneering state of the art facilities and the internationally renown staff of the American Medical Center, make it a Center of Excellence and contribute substantially in raising the standards of Health Care in Cyprus and the Region.

International Certificates and Memberships